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Our policy is structured to make it easier to find what you’re looking for, whilst providing a bit more detail whilst using as little legal jargon as possible.

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Congratulations go to our own Katie Seed and Robyn Dawson on successfully gaining the REC Certificate in Recruitment Practice (Cert RP) Qualification.


Robyn Dawson (pictured on the left) said “I’m really pleased to have passed my Certificate in Recruitment Practice. The qualification and knowledge that it has provided me with has certainly been worth all of the hard work. I now feel even more confident in my awareness of Recruitment Law and Legislation and have been using these skills on a daily basis to make sure our clients and candidates are kept as well informed as possible.”

Katie Seed (right) agreed, “I’m delighted to have achieved the Certificate in Recruitment Practice, all the revision and hard work has definitely paid off. The course has provided me with the knowledge I needed to provide a true consultative service to my clients and candidates when assisting them with their recruitment requirements.”

Taxman to investigate MSC’s

MSC legislation

HM Revenue & Customs issues warning on Managed Service Company legislation

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has issued new guidance on the Managed Service Company (MSC) legislation, and warns that it intends to take action against non-compliant companies.

HMRC says that where it considers that companies and partnerships otherwise fall within the Managed Service Company legislation, but claim not to be MSCs because the provider is an officer/partner of the intermediary, these companies and partnerships are in fact MSCs.

“HMRC will now look for suitable cases to investigate and, where appropriate, challenge and litigate.”

The three types of intermediaries identified by HMRC as being potential ‘targets’ are:

the ‘self-employed model’ where contractors work as sole traders via a specialist company
the self-employed’ model as above but under Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) rules.

Offshore providers

HMRC says the guidance has been issued after it “considered fully” the arguments advanced by various types intermediaries as to why they are not MSCs.

Martin Hesketh, managing director of accountancy, tax advice and financial support services provider Brookson, told Recruiter that the guidance was a clear message that the Revenue was serious at “enforcing the MSC legislation”, including the debt transfer provisions. These could affect agencies, where they were involved with non-compliant companies, added Hesketh.

The guidance is contained on HMRC’s website:,XsIhvz,bMfBzgSg